EA6AMM 's Shack Info

EA6AMM website Shack 1 Kenwood TS-850S

Picture: My very first HF Setup, Mars 2017

- Kenwood TS -850SAT - 

Ant 1: EAXBEAM  6 band Hexbeam

(Since July 2019. 6 to 20 m.)


Ant 2: Vertigo 43 feet Vertical from InnovAntennas Europe 

(Since October 2018. 30 to 160 m.)

Ant 3: Vertical GP 5/8 λ 10 m

(My very first antenna: 3 / 2017, working from 10 to 40M with tuner)

Ant 4: 3 EL Yagi for 10M

(Since October 2017. Working from 10 to 17M with tuner)

RX Ant: Cross Country Wireless HF Active Loop

Mic: Turner + 3B

ATU (for 43 feet vertical): Stockcorner JC-4s

Tunner: MFJ-949E

Solid state CW Paddle: 9A5N

CW Key: Home made by EA4GKY

(see picture below)

Power = 100W

I started my activity on radio in the 11m band in 1985 and since then, this antenna has provided a lot of good DX contacts around the world both on 11m many years ago and on HF bands nowadays, in which I'm using it from 10 to 40 M with ATU. It has stood lots of really severe wind and climate conditions whith not a single problem. It is located at 120 m from the seashore at a height of 20 m above the sea level.
EA6AMM website antenna TAGRA GP 27 5/8
TAGRA Vertical 5/8 λ 10M (R.I.P.)
- Update 3 September 2017. RIP TAGRA GP-27 5/8 λ :-( 
My beloved old TAGRA vertical died this summer, in August. Hoping to put an HexBeam one day, in the meantime I've replaced it with another 5/8 λ ground plane vertical for the 10 M band, a Sirio 2016, to be able to keep on working from 10 to 40m. Many thanks to my great friend Toni for helping me and for the laughs too!! Very first contact with this new antenna: TZ4PR Mali 17M  RS = 57 (100W).


EA6AMM Website Sirio 2016
SIRIO 2016 Vertical GP 5/8 λ for 10M
ZL1BD ON  20 M SSB 100 W
19311 Km (11999 miles)
- Update 1 Otocber 2017: A new 10 M. antenna
As I really love the 10M band, and still waiting to be able to set a HEXBEAM, I have added a SIRIO 3 Element Yagi for this band. It's working really fine and my only regret is to have chosen the three element model over the four element model. It's mounted on a 10 m high telescopic manual aluminum mast which will let me put it down when the wind is too strong. Hand powered rotator ;-)  First 24H contacts:  ZS6, 3DA, EL2, JH5, RI1ANO.... all with 100W.
EA6AMM Website Sirio 3 EL 10 m band
SIRIO 3 EL YAGI for 10 M
EA6AMM Website Sirio 3 EL 10 m Band
Here in low position
- Update 6 Otocber 2017: EA6AMM soon on CW too!!!
Just received and installed my brand new CW Key, beuatifuly home made by EA4GKY. I'm really pleased with it, and will be working on CW with it soon (still learning... but on my way to!!!). He makes many different models, in various shapes and finishings, all  of themf nicely crafted and finely working. Drop him a mail to know more about them!
EA6AMm Website Rig & CW Key

- Update 28 December 2017: EA6AMM on air on CW from now ON too!

Although in Spain (and so in Balearic Islands) December the 28th is like April Fool's Day, this is no joke :-) 

Despite I have tried in the past to do few CW QSO's through software (FLDIGI), I had never made a QSO with my key. But after some work learning and practicing off air, today I made my first real CW QSO with DL1ZAL (TNX DR OM RALF! ). I was so happy with that wonderful experience that I completely forgot to log the QSO!!! But now this little mistake is solved.

Since then, some more CW QSO have been worked FB and there's a lot more to come. Still much work to be done as I'm still slow and making many mistakes, but this will come with more practice, and QSOs! 

So, hope to copy you on CW too!!

EA6AMM website Shack 2 Kenwood TS-850S
EA6AMM website Shack 3 Kenwood TS-850S

- Update  October 2018: New SDR Receiver

Although I love my Kenwood TS-850SAT, I was curious about the SDR technology, and that led me to try it. I have recently added an AirSPY HF+ SDR Receiver to my station, using a Cross Country Wireless HF Active Loop as receiveng antenna.. The software I like the best for using it is SDRConsolve (using the beta version V 3.03). As this software allows commanding via MIDI and as I had a MIDI Controller at home for other hobbies (novation Nocturn), I have set it to work it together with the receiver so I can enjoy both the latest tecnology in receiving along with the pleasure of having a physical interface to control it. Most of all, I'm using them for IARUMS purposes.

EA6AMM Website SDR: SDRConsole and MIDI Controller.PNG

- Update 30 October 2018: EA6AMM on air on 80 and 160 m too!

I just finished installing a Vertigo 43 feet vertical antenna from InnovAntennas Europe (G0KSC, Justin). I have not all the place I would like to put lots of longer radials for it, but I'm happy to be able, for the first time, to be able to work on the 80 and 160 m bands with it. It's working really fine along with a Stockcorner JC-4s autotuner. The very first QSO's with it have been exciting and promissing: Nicaragua on 30 m CW, Niger on 80 m, Europe on 160 m... 

I have put about 60 radials and also some "chicken wire" on the ground, as ground screen (not connected to the wire radials). Hope to copy you in these bands too!! For further tech data and info about this antenna, PSE see here

EA6AMMWebsite Radials Vertical 43 feet
The wire radials and the "chicken wire" ground screen
EA6AMM Website Stockcorner JC-4s ATU
The Stockcorner JC-4s autotuner (inside an electricity meter weatherproof box)
EA6AMM Website Vertical 453 feet 1.jpg
EA6AMM Website Vertical 43 ft 2.jpg

- Update 22 February 2019: 

I just received the URE's EADX 100 CW Award, for 100 DXCC confirmed in CW :-) The 100th confirmed DXCC  was: 

9U4URI, Burundi, 20m, CW

- Update 28 June 2019: EAXBEAM 6 Band Hexbeam antenna (6 to 20 m.)


I started with the paperwork for installing the EAXBEAM antenna on Mars 2019.


After receiving the official authorisation to install it, I ordered a Prosistel PST-900GR telescopic mast to install the antenna on it. Why a telescopic mast instead of a tower? Because of the easynees that a telescopic mast means when it's about antenna and rotator's maintenance: I don't have to climb at the tower and stay for hours hanging in an uncomfortable position, and I just have to winch the mast down to comfortably stand on a steel platform to do all the maintenance work with the rotator's cage just at my hand's height. 

I'm using a Yaesu G1000 DXC Rotator

As for the 43 feet Vertical, I've installed an RF Choke proffessionally built by EB4HRA Baluns.

EA6AMM Website EAXBEAM antenna, mast retracted.jpg

View from the EAxBeam antenna with the Prosistel PST-900GR telescopic mast retracted.

EA6AMM Website, EAxBeam antenna, mast deployed and guyed (12 dyneema guys).PNG

The EAxBeam antenna, mast deployed and guyed (12 Dyneema 6 mm ø  guy ropes.

EA6AMM Website, EB4HRA BALUNS RF Choke.jpg


EA6AMM Website, EB4HRA BALUNS RF Choke on EAxBeam antenna.jpg

The EB4HRA RF CHoke as I installed it on the EAxBeam antenna, following his kind and proffessional advice

- Update 3 September 2019: 9A5N Solid State CW Paddle

While slowly improving my CW sending and keying style I noticed that the noise and movement of general mechanic paddles, whether they'd be spring or magnetic ones was disturbing me. I decided to get a 9A5N Solid State CW Paddle and this has been a pleasure since I received it: no noise and paddle movement anymore. I'm really happy with it! Here's a video in which you'll find many interesting information about it.

EA6AMM Website 9A5N Solid State CW Paddle.PNG

9A5N Solid State CW Paddle